Client Case Study:

The Glass Frontier

In the city of anchorage, there are more than 50 businesses that serve businesses and residential homes with window, roof, and gutter cleaning. How do you show the level of quality and detail of service in a way that leads other people to choose your service?


January 2018.

  • Creative Director
    - Darian Rosebrook
  • Logo Design.
  • Social Media Avatar.
  • Vehicle Branding.
  • Brand Framework.
  • Brand Style Guide.


Create a new logo identity for The Glass Frontier

Our Main Goals:

Showcase friendly and detailed in the same logo design

Position themselves as a reputable choice based on first brand interaction

Showcase service quality and expertise in their field

The Challenge

The Glass Frontier is a company that works with small businesses and residential homes to clean the exterior gutters, windows, and roof, keeping businesses gleaming and appealing to customers.

Currently, The Glass Frontier is working on building their brand in order to be outrunning their competition from the getgo.

Their current challenge was showcasing their brand as the right choice to home and business owners in a place of vast marketplace competition.

The design will need to work with small materials like business cards, hats, and t-shirts as well as with large applications like signage, vehicle decals, and more.

The Opportunity and Process

“This project was done in a tight timeframe of two weeks. I got to work with Zack, the founder of The Glass Frontier to connect the extensive vision he has for his service to the visual design he was looking forward to building his brand. As with most service companies, there’s a lot of competition out there, and a lot of people so focused on work that good design gets left behind. I wanted to capture a bit of that classic good design with a great representation of his service and level of quality.”

We needed to make sure that based on the decisions that homemakers and business owners have when hiring professional services to work on the exterior of their buildings that they choose people who look suited to do the job right the first time. So having a professional look with a friendly vibe was priority to the brand.

Our resulting design then put together a research file of all the materials and companies that these owners come across which served as a quality filter for any concept designs that So Magnetic came up with during the development of the logo design.

What We Accomplished

The end result is a logo that artfully gives a personal connection using rounded corners and the human element of custom hand lettering. Though the business has yet to open, they are prepared from the gates with a logo that plays on the history of handyman services and current design that appeals to more than one market.

The final logo works to capture attention and remain legible at a plethora of sizes along with different marks for different uses.

We'll update when the logo design is live.

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