Client Case Study:


It can be difficult feeling like you're sliding backwards instead of forwards. With Kelsey, she was feeling that in order to move forward, she needed to refocus who she was trying to reach as customers. Kelsey brought on So Magnetic in order to help her reach the right customers through branding and logo design.


January 2018.

  • Creative Director
    - Darian Rosebrook
  • Logo Design.
  • Wayfinding.
  • Custom Typography.
  • Product Packaging Design.
  • Print Design.
  • Product Branding.


Create a new logo identity for Minimum - Local Fashion Botique

Our Main Goals:

Reposition the brand as a premium collection

Recapture the customer base for hand-crafted items and consignments

Update and unify the brand style to create a more magnetic brand

The Challenge

“ It's very difficult when it seems like you're taking three steps back for every one step forward. I'm glad that I got you, [So Magnetic], involved when I did. Thank you for the help with refocusing my efforts on presentation and branding. You'd have laughed at how my things looked before hand that I made with my printer at home. ”

Kelsey Taylor

Fashion Design, Boutique Owner

The Opportunity and Process

What We Accomplished

Minimum, a small, local fashion boutique, brought us in to help refocus their goal of reselling more premium fashion items within their local shop.

It felt to the owner that the customer base was slipping from her once heavy trafficked store.

We wanted to focus on retargeting customers who have slipped away and reposition the goods within her store to reflect the quality she has been putting into them.

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