Client Case Study:


Making the leap from full time client services to a full blown Software as a Service (SaaS) company requires having a large vision and quality leadership. This kind of pivot is exactly why Tyrel has felt that it’s time to solidify the KeySpark brand’s visuals with professional design.

As they started refocusing their capabilities, we were brought in to refocus the brand, creating something that represented who they were as a company — a group of passionate people dedicating their time to create awesome applications.


January 2018.

  • Creative Director
    - Darian Rosebrook
  • Logo Design.
  • Social Media Branding.
  • Featured Image Design.
  • Corporate Stationary.
  • Custom Iconography.


Create a new logo identity for Keyspark and unify the social media

Our Main Goals:

Design a more professional logo and social media header

Set up the brand for successful long-term brand recognition

Unify their social media branding

The Challenge

KeySpark is a former Web Design firm turned SaaS (software as a service) company. They enlisted So Magnetic to help them create a new, strong visual brand identity to reconnect with their original comapany vision and launch their venture as creators of incredibly useful software products.

The Opportunity and Process

What We Accomplished

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