Client Case Study:

Compass of Design

What started in late December of 2016 as a newsletter about Designing with confidence, Compass of Design started to grow past the short blurbs of confidence tips for designers. Here's how we helped scale the project to grow beyond it's first inception


January 2018.

  • Creative Director
    - Darian Rosebrook
  • Brand Design
    - Darian Rosebrook
  • User Experience Design
    - Darian Rosebrook
  • UI Designer
    - Joseph Busch
  • Logo Design.
  • Brand Style Guide.
  • Packaging Design.
  • Custom Iconography.
  • Hand Lettering.
User Experience.
  • Information Architecture.
  • Product Design.
  • Application Design.
  • Wireframing.
  • Prototype and Mockups.


Build the branding framework and brand identity for Compass of Design — A designer resource platform

Our Main Goals:

Create a lasting, recognizable brand

Generate a strong brand framework that can carry future projects and products

Generate enough buzz to grow their design community to 2x their size

The Challenge

Compass of Design is new to the space of design education. So what they lack in years of having an early ticket, they needed to make up for in relevance.

This relevance is often misinterpreted as keeping up with design trends, and instead needs to showcase the willingness to experiment, learn, teach, and repeat.

So with strategy as the focus, we needed to shape the brand to encompass the ability to experiment with the double effect of being able to stay on-brand.

The Opportunity and Process


What We Accomplished

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