Client Case Study:

Clinically Media

When you're going up against established companies for some of the biggest clients with really high stakes, you need to be confident and relevant, yet you need to stand out enough to get noticed. We wanted to focus on showcasing Clinically Media’s brand as the right choice to Medical directors or VPs of clinical operations. Their services provide a very thought out and data focused approach to clinical trial recruiting campaigns for smaller biotech's and startups who are making a difference in the world.


January 2018.

  • Creative Director
    - Darian Rosebrook
  • Logo Design.
  • Social Media Avatars.
  • Corporate Stationary.
  • Brand Style Guides.
  • Wayfinding.


Create a new logo identity for Clinically Media

Our Main Goals:

Avoid the cliche feel of medical clinics, while keeping the logo professional and within reach of the industry

Position themselves as the right choice in the marketplace for clinical research trials

Showcase Expertise in their field

The Challenge

Clinically Media is a company that produces training materials and run recruitment campaigns for clinical research trials.

Currently, Clinically Media is working on positioning their brand in order to be running alongside their competition rather than behind it.

Their current challenge was showcasing their brand as the right choice to Medical directors or VPs of clinical operations who deal with federal regulations, vast marketplace competition, and medical related information and products most of the day.

The Opportunity and Process

“Through the client engagement, Victoria (the founder) and I worked on understanding the market expectations of their current client demographic. What that means is that we put together a profile of a person who best embodies someone that is going to both make the decision to hire her, but also the one that drives the success of her projects.”

We needed to make sure that based on the decisions that person makes each day to run their clinical trial, that making the decision to hire her is as sure fire and natural as the other companies and products they use during their daily tasks.

Our resulting design then put together a research file of all the materials and companies that these directors come across which served as a quality filter for any concept designs that So Magnetic came up with during the development of the logo design.

What We Accomplished

The end result became a clever mix of both industries, clinical trials and marketing with small hidden elements tying the initals back into the icons. This design has been vetted up against those of the industry leaders and allows the logo to remain a prominent choice within the industry, along with tying their expertise within the familiar ecosystem of rivaling brands.

The final mark remains distinctive down to its most recognizable elements. With consideration to various mediums that the logo design will be applied to, as the display size reduces in size, the detail of the logo reduces until the most distinctive parts remain.

The logo starts as the full mark, a rectangular outline, the logotype 'Clinically Media', and the bar graph remain as the full lockup. The secondary mark of the outine, the initial 'C' and the bar graph, all down to the outer line and bar graph which doubles as the initials 'C' and 'M'.

From initial concept through to final concept. Each step to create the line-work, the bar graph 'M', and the choice of typeface blend both the familiarity of the clinical trial market to appealing to their need for data driven results when hiring companies to facilitate their recruitment campaigns.

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