We help your company build better brand identities through design in ways that — elevate your level of business. drive higher monthly recurring revenue. launch your business with strategic brand goals in mind. reposition yourselves better within your market. establish yourselves as the right choice to your customers. magnify your brand awareness. scale your business with a brand to rally behind. update and unify outdated branding. reduce bounce and churn rates. make your products more recognizable. catch an industry wave early. reach out to new and exciting markets.


Here are some clients that we've had the pleasure of working with

The Glass Frontier logo, designed by So Magnetic Compass of Design logo, designed by So Magnetic Clinically Media Logo, designed by So Magnetic KeySpark Logo, designed by So Magnetic Logo Design for Minimum, designed by So Magnetic Logo design for Travelight, designed by So Magnetic Logo design for Five Peaks Brewery, designed by So Magnetic Logo design for Grow Your Code Podcast, designed by So Magnetic Personal Branding and logo, designed by So Magnetic

Kelsey Taylor

Fashion, Boutique Owner

“ I had been having a lot of problems trying to grow revenue for my business this last year. I wanted to move my business to fit a more premium market. By getting Darian [So Magnetic] involved early on in that transition, we were able to get everything designed the way that it should have been. I'm so excited to use our new logo and packaging! Thanks! ”

Tyrel Chambers

Developer, Podcaster

“ I started a podcast called "Grow Your Code" and approached Darian about making me some branding. Working with Darian has been and continues to be an absolute delight. He is courteous, professional, respectful, and he responds very quickly to messages, questions, and design revisions. Darian has the professionalism you need to help develop an amazing brand. His thorough process will make sure you get the best branding possible. ”


Logo Design, Social Media Branding, Featured Image Design, Corporate Stationary, Custom Iconography

KeySpark is a former Web Design firm turned SaaS (software as a service) company. They enlisted So Magnetic to help them create a new, strong visual brand identity to reconnect with their original comapany vision and launch their venture as creators of incredibly useful software products.

See KeySpark's case study

Compass of Design

Logo Design, Website Branding, Product Design, Packaging Design, Custom Iconography, Hand Lettering

We worked with Compass of Design to completely design the brand experience for new designers looking to level up their skills. This project included digital designs, product and packaging design, with user and brand experience.

See Compass of Design's case study


Logo Design, Wayfinding, Custom Typography, Product Packaging Design, Print Design, Product Branding

Minimum, a small, local fashion boutique, brought us in to help refocus their goal of reselling more premium fashion items within their local shop. With this logo and branding, the design helped reflect the quality and modernism they wanted to showcase in their brand.

See Minimum's case study


Who we are is defined by what we do

So Magnetic doesn't play the same game as other design agencies.

We combine your business and market knowledge with our design strategy and the expertise of our team. In order to achieve the goals you set for the project through design strategy, we work together on the goals and details of the project.

As an agile company, the team we select for your project grows or shrinks depending on your project’s needs. Some projects need a handful of specialists, like wordpress experts who have years of experience making sites for teenagers or a custom icon designer who has sure-fire knowledge of the medical terms, objects, and practices. Each project has its unique opportunities that requires the right team, all the way from junior designers to seasoned experts in the field.

So Magnetic is spearheaded by Darian Rosebrook who is our founder and creative director. Darian has focused his career on defining design strategy and it's corelation to business strategy. He has since been spending his career coaching and mentoring a community of designers who are looking to improve the effectiveness of their design work, becoming connected to some of the best people in the industry. Your project will be in the hands of the right people who are hand-picked specifically to achieve the goals we outline together for the project.

Working with us

Exceptional design should be delivered along side of a solid business strategy.

Receiving the Request

Hiring a professional to handle a project brings peace of mind. To ensure both the client and the professional are on the same page, there are a few things that the professional needs to learn about the project. To achieve this level of understanding, we include a series of questions for starting the process of getting a quote for the work.

Serious requests are sent directly to us, and we take the utmost care responding to those inquiries. Because of the volume of requests that we have versus our workload, we are greatly selective of the projects we take on, carefully considering each project and our ability to work together. We want us to be able to trust in each other's ability to deliver.

Establishing Trust and Roles

Communication is key to all relationships. When we connect about starting your project, our first lines of communication are key to the validity of the relationship. You should be confident in our ability keep a solid line of communication and to execute a design that fulfills the requirements. I should be confident that you are willing to and capable of providing goals and content for the project.

We take pride in the level of professionalism we put forth into the design process.

To see more into our process, check out our Pillars of the Design Process

What are you working on?

We're always excited to hear what people are working on, and would love to see how we can help you achieve that goal.

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